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Spring cleaning made easy!

Spring cleaning! At last the end of winter and arrival of beautiful weather to refresh your building, store or office. Take advantage in our spring cleaning promo on until April 15th 2019.

Whether it’s high level dusting, graffiti removal, parking cleaning or wall cleaning. We got you covered.

  • High level dusting
  • Graffiti removal
  • Parking cleaning
  • Wall cleaning
MMI Janitorial and Commercial Spring Cleaning Services
About Us

About MMI Group

At MMI we believe in building a culture with strong core values based around Quality and pride of work, integrity, respect & loyalty. In fact, we have one of the lowest employee turnover in the industry. This translates to incredible service for you.

Want to know more about us and what we stand for?  

At MMI we understand that finding a dependable cleaning partner for your condo needs is and always will be a challenge.  

What sets MMI Group apart from our competition is the ability to use a mix of technology and human capital to ensure your satisfaction. Which enables us to be the most trusted cleaning company in Canada. 

MMI Group offers premium condo cleaning services. Look no further!

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